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Insight Contribution

Would you like to contribute or collaborate on an article, post, podcast, video, story idea or other? Ask a question? Share some credible news?

Something that provides founders solutions to problems or lessons or stories.Must be original, written only for Founders Under 40 Group / GreatestFounders

It cannot be commercialized. Agree to release for use on site. 

Submission Method  #1

If you are a member, all you have to do is log in and you will have a link or information that will guide you on how to participate / contribute.

Submission Method  #2
Contact the editor with your ideas via contact us page.

Submission Method  #3

Also welcome to share your social media url. or references, clients, etc.

Guest Post Guidelines 

***We want to support founders & want to hear different insights.
Guest Post Guidelines

We encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Any relevant post is welcomed. Do your homework. Everyone is busy especially content managers of sites or communities. So learn what content we or founders would like an in what format.

  • Your submission should include the following: Who you are, your contact information and the site you want to link your guest post to. Why you want to publish on here. Write well for an audience that’s going to appreciate your insights, please reduce self promo to a very very minimum. 
  • About your post: It should be relevant to the theme of the site. GreatestFounders / FU40 Group’s focus is on original, inspiring, maybe entertaining material on topics founders would love.  We encourage you to send us a finish post with clear headlines, half to a full page of your insights., and a one sentence of about you & website. If it’s great, likely will go up. 
  • Write a top-quality post, so check grammar & spelling and punctuation, you are representing our brand and yours. 
  • People like tips, bullet points, but they also like your deep thoughts and expression of your opinion, news and features. They like it, they will checkout your site. 
  • Post away, post as often but remember we want quality. 
  • If sent by email, no html, no pdf file, clear subject, Just plain text.

Sample Outline / To Send Direct Using Email: 

Email Address: Email
Subject Line : Headline: (THIS IS OUR HEADLINE) 
Email Body: , Your half – one page insight & contact info (include full real name, city, state, country. www.(url).com & topic catategory).


  • We will reserves the right to modify your content and share that content on various social media platforms without royalty or compensation.
  • If you become an invaluable contributor, we may pay money for some content.
  • We will reserve the right to delete your content for any reason and at any time.
  • Any questions, please use the contact us page


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