Community Values & Standards

Every community might be different in some shape or form however the great ones share these common traits.



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8+ Traits of Positive Communities

Every community might be different in some shape or form however the great ones share these common traits.

Once you finally figured out your worth, your standards, your values,…it’s time to run to freedom & growth which ends in house of legends.

MBHVIM Community Team

  1. Common goals

It is important to share similar values and belief systems. This way they sort of function like a larger organism. It also helps motivate each individual to contribute.

Our community will adopt universal values and belief system as a guide.

  1. Freedom of expression

In a healthy community, individuals should feel safe to constructively express their views. However when all is said and decided, everyone must then commit to goals. Simply being s nonconstructive disruption doesn’t help.

A bad idea is intentionally or non-intentionally isolating differences

  1. Address member concerns

Individuals and groups need to feel their concerns are adequately addressed.

So leaders and peers must listen carefully to any concerns raised and taking the necessary steps to assess pros & cons and conduct further studies when needed.

  1. Have understandable policies and obligations

A straight forward guidelines, laws, or rules and expectations must be place. Clear statement of good behavior and what is not good behavior. No one is expected to be perfect however the phrase, “Do onto others as you want don’t to you” is a good start.

  1. Fairness

With policies and expectations clearly in place, enforcement of these rules should be applied fairly.

A community that does not apply its rules fairly risks inadvertently driving away its members and producing feelings of disconnection.

  1. Celebrate heritage and traditions

Create stories, events, traditions that remind individuals of the benefit of a positive constructive community.

  1. Promote interaction among members

A feeling of genuine connection among members, peers, and others providers solidarity and lasting bonds.

More specifically, developing opportunities for members to experience emotional bonds in their interactions is very important. Also a healthy frequency of interaction can make bonds last longer.

  1. Promote leaders that stand by healthy values

Leaders that discriminate, hate, harm, hypocrite, self-interest don’t last anyway. The leaders must be fair and just in their focus. Leaders must the greater good of the community not their personal agenda. Leaders have good understanding their constituents.

  1. Good communication

Poor communication only creates more problems. So the organization, community leaders must know how to communication effectively. keeping community members up to date about ongoing projects, changes to policies, upcoming events and upcoming feature changes.

  1. Good Judgement & Good decisions

Decision must be aligned with the community’s vision, values objectives and aims.

As we grow, we hope to build a community in which founders, members, other can safely do business. Make life-long friends.

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