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Some people are born into wonderful groups and networks. Others have to find, pay, join or create them. Being a member of a uplifting wealthy community is worth it versus membership in community with no values & standards

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When founders like yourself feel you aren’t getting enough quality experience from our social media sites membership via GreatestFounders™ or Founders Under 40™ Group / FU40 Group or others…consider helping us build a quality, invaluable, supportive experience for all founders, professionals, others and achieve your great return on investment.

***For other none founders or individuals not in a founder role, only a few will be permitted to participate.

Membership Eligibility?

Before we can allow you into our extended community & membership, we must verify that you fit the following criteria:

  • Be who you say you are
  • Be the founder, co-founder, owner or co-owner or professional of his or her registered business
  • Been a founder, co-founder, owner or co-owner in the past
  • Be younger than 40 or be young at heart (18+)
  • Be running a reputable business
  • Be running a business with customers, traction, proof of concept
  • Be a person of great positive character and universal values
  • Are a member of our LinkedIn general community
  • Have a positive attitude, sharing attitude,growth mind set ,
  • Are willing to a background check or reference check or other means to verify information submitted.
  • Be willing to abide by our rules

Once you finally figured out your worth, your standards, your values,…it’s time to run to freedom & growth which ends in house of legends.

MBHVIM Community Team

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Become a member of this extended community offering. Enjoy almost unlimited access and benefits.

Key Initial Tips

  • We want you to enjoy yourself and have a positive experience-
  • Completing key profile info, and info about your journey and interest helps
  • Complete it honestly. Creditably opens more doors.
  • You can build credibility by sharing your quality posts, Q&A, and expertise occasionally
  • Complete your social media networks URLs
  • Answer questions


  • Upgrading provides more freedom, support.
  • Users of FU40 ( FU40 Group) or GreatestFounders Private Community will be known and screened. Which will make it easier to build trust or work with trustworthy individuals and organizations
  • Collaboration on articles, eBook, analysis, feedback and more
  • Introductions or match making
  • Start offering courses and monetizing
  • Share your creditable offers, discounts, promotions, news


Seeking more quality from us? If yes, we want to let you know that we are continuously seeking beneficial values to offer you so you can keep growing. We are dedicated to embracing diverse founders and entrepreneurs of all kinds as long as they live according to universal values. We are dedicated to on going vetting of all members to ensure the safety of all participants. We are dedicated to a fulfilling experience and life-long learning. So check out our other benefits below and join us.


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How to get Involve?

How to submit content?

How to connect with other members?

How to promote my business or service / products?

How to get help and support?

How to get more detail about membership?

How to find the faq page?

What’s the difference between FU40 membership & this?


IMPORTANT NOTE: Offer may be modified, restricted, cancelled, limited, delayed or for other reasons without notice. Some benefits or features may be location related. We will be upgrading our systems as we go so be supportive and patient. Self-Serve and payment system eventually coming. And some condition may apply.

We appreciate the interest of many individuals seeking to join our group however we take steps to ensure the safety of all Members (all categories) both online and offline, and ensure that possible members meet the benefit criteria. Membership subscription payment are quarterly ($320US) or yearly {$960US)

Have any Further Questions, Contact Us or Basic Terms or Get Started Today.

***For other none founders or individuals not in a founder role, only a few will be permitted to participate.



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